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Dentures are used to replace missing teeth, when several or all of ones teeth are missing.
There are many different types of dentures, made of many different types of materials.
At your exam, Dr. Bosack will be able to assess which type of denture is right for you.
When one is missing several, but not all of there teeth, a partial denture is an option to help retain ones smiles, ability to chew, and to keep the remaining teeth from shifting.
When one is ready for complete dentures, it can be quite a change from chewing and living with ones natural teeth. But, if ones teeth are infected and no longer functioning properly removing them and restoring ones mouth with dentures, will remove the infections, and restore ones mouth to a state of health and beauty.  Replacing ones worn, infected, decaying teeth with dentures can rejuvenate ones appearance and often make them look much younger and healthier!
Complete Dentures: Used to replace all of the missing teeth.
Natural Looking Dentures, Austin TXDentures, Onion Creek TX
Partial Dentures - Used to replace several missing teeth.

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To make ones denture more secure, and allow you to chew better, placing at least 2 dental implants for your lower denture to snap into will make you a much happier with your dentures.

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